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Home Audio

Today's smart home encompasses music much more than traditional homes.  Welcome Home Living offers a wide range of home audio systems to meet our clients needs.

While surround sound still has its place in a home, smart homes take sound beyond the home theater room.  At Welcome Home Living, our home audio systems range from 2.0 speaker systems to 11.4 speaker systems.  Our home audiosystems can provide you with a 360-degree system that allows music throughout your entire house, including any outdoor living areas.  Our home audio systems can be designed with a variety of zones that can allow for different music to be played, in different areas of your home, at the same time.  You no longer have to listen to the same music as another person in your home.  Simply change rooms and change the music; using a custom slide or knob volume control or with a single keypad, touch panel, or wireless remote.

Welcome Home Living carries a variety of high-quality speakers that can be integrated into your smart home without being invasive.  Your smart home can have a home audio system that is integrated so well that it can't be seen, but it can be heard.  We offer in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that can be painted to match any room.  In addition, you can choose from outdoor-weatherproof speakers that can be incorporated into functioning planters to rock speakers that will blend in with any outdoor landscape.  Welcome Home Living also provides more traditional, book shelf and floor standing speakers that provide superior spatial representation, ambiance, coherence, tonality and bass response.  We offer a variety of products from some of the best manufactures in the industry, including Sonus Faber, Totem and Leon Speakers.